Design bureau

Designers develop clothing collection using computer-aided design software applications such as CorelDRAW, AdobeFotoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Marvelous Designer, Pantone Color Manaiger and ColorMunki.

Development laboratory

Developers work in the GRAFIS 11 CAD system using the Autonester software application for layout of patterns in order to optimize the manual labour. Ready-made patterns are being printed on a large format plotter that allows to reduce time while keeping high precision of the cut.

Experimental department

The experimental department is supported by highly qualified tailors and technologist, dealing with testing of new garment designs, processing technologies, rationing of materials and preparation of recommendations on how to use new equipment. Once a new model has been totally agreed in the experimental department, it is going through the approval process in the Arts Council and only then can be put into mass production.

Cutting department

Cutting of fabric is carried out by means of the spreading method using cutting-edge German equipment such as fabric measuring-and-inspecting machine, straight and round knives, Hoffman band knife machine, cutting rulers and Rexel spreading machine. All rolls of fabric, incoming to the cutting department, pass through the fabric measuring-and-inspecting machine in order to spread, decate and sort the materials.

Sewing workshop

Sewing workshop owns automated equipment of the last generation from leading Japanese manufacturers such as Brother, Pegasus, Juki, Kansai, Siruba. The workshop has in its arsenal programmable semiautomatic devices for performing specialized operations for example seaming, fastening, hemming, operations related to the pockets and buttons etc. There are three areas of activities carried out by the sewing workshop:

- woven activity: the products are made of woven materials – windbreakers, waistcoats, jackets, puffy jackets, squad kits etc.
- knitting activity: the products are made from knitted fabrics – shirts, polo shirts, smocks, sports costumes, sweater knitting etc.
- accessories production: headgear, bags, rucksacks etc.

Ironing shop

Ironing shop owns the advanced Italian equipment such as the Octopus multi-tasking ironing tables with heating and extraction functions, high pressure steam generators with automatic water supply, steamers and the Primula fusing machines. While sewing any type of products the rules of preliminary, interoperational and final ironing must be strictly followed.

Image application workshop

Embroidery machines from world leader Barudan with 1 and 6 head number and 15 needle number
Silk-screen printing
Carousel machine, interim and tunnel drying, exposure chamber, net tension system of the American company M&R

Mimaki Eco-Solvent Printer , TitanJet Calender Thermal Press and also Epson printer using sublimation inks.

The films are prepared using silk-screen equipment and then are being removed to fabric using the MA press for thermal printing.

Roland cutting plotter

Quality management department

The production has implemented integrated product quality management system and developed the company’s standards that are responsibility of the quality management department. The task of this department is to control the quality of products at all production stages since the arrival of the materials and components to company up to delivery of finished goods as well as control of its storage, packaging and marking.

Commercial department

Each corporate client is served by personal manager who is in charge of the order from beginning to end: since its development and design-project and terms of reference approval up to the commercial offer creation and preparation of documentation. Company possesses all needed tools and has great experience of participation in tenders on any electronic platforms.