«Only clothing was fully changed: all the dress was different, sewed in Moscow and by the good tailor. However the dress had a blemish too: it was sewed too fashioned (that is how conscientious but not very talented tailors always sew) and, moreover, for a person who has no interest in this».

The Idiot by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

“SHISHKIN tailor manufacture” is an actively developing company that has been working during last 10 years in men’s fashion industry. The group of companies consists of three enterprises each of which offers the integrated customized services of development, production and delivery of clothing and accessories collections:

Bespoke Atelier – individual sewing
Сraft syndicate, based on highly qualified manual work of tailors sewing individually elite classic men’s clothing.

МТМ ATELIER – customized sewing
Full cycle sewing factory which performs customized production of men’s clothing and accessories in casual style.

Uniform atelier – corporate sewing
The innovative sewing factory which performs integrated development, production and delivery of the sports clothing collections and accessories.

All factories are located in Yekaterinburg and are the full cycle productions, each of which specializes in different groups of clothing and accessories (classic, casual and sports) with individual production specificity (manual labour, mass production) and with different approaches of services providing (individual, customized and corporate sewing).

As a result of this the are unlimited opportunities to develop and create absolutely any kind of clothing and accessories both in small-scale consignments and in commercial collections. The cornerstone of company policy is to achieve optimal balance between price, quality and implementation term of projects.

And quality in this regard is of paramount importance both from the point of view of service level and individual approach to all clients as well as technological effectiveness and performance characteristics of finished products.

The main consumer of finished product is a male audience, whose interests all our enterprises work for, thereby strengthening loyalty of the target audience.

“SHISHKIN Tailor Manufacture” keeps the balance between high traditions of tailoring and innovations in the field of modern technologies in fashion industry.

“Bespoke atelier” ’s masters deal with individual sewing of customized classic men’s clothing using traditional glue-free technology «Bespoke tailoring” which is cultivated over the past 200 years by qualified tailors all over the world.

While innovative factory “Uniform atelier” uses advanced achievements in the field of automation of sewing industry and develops unique software for fashion industry in collaboration with leading research and development centres of country.

In 2018 percentage of export orders in total turnover of the company was a little bit over 30%. We are planning to double these indicators in the next 3 years, thereby highlighting once again high competitiveness of our products and services not only on the domestic but on the international market too.