Dmitriy Shishkin

Shishkin Dmitriy Olegovich is a Russian designer of men’s clothing and entrepreneur, Arts candidate, member of Designers Union of Russia, academician of the National Academy of Fashion Industry, founder of “SHISHKIN Tailor Manufacture", first Russian «BESPOKE ATELIER», «MTM ATELIER, innovation sewing factory «UNIFORM ATELIER», the National Fashion Awards «Zolotoye vereteno-2016» winner in three nominations, participants of "Innoprom-2017" Innovation Exhibition and several activities in fashion industry.


Shishkin was born on 25th Oct., 1987 in Yekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk region, Russia.

Father – Shishkin Oleg Anatolyevich (born on 2nd Oct., 1959) - engineer.

Mother – Shishkina Marina Mikhaylovna (born on 13th Apr., 1961, maiden name was Rodionova) - doctor.

Married to Shishkina Yulia Andreevna (maiden name was Chigina), artist.

Went to Municipal Educational Institution the Highshcool № 55 in 1995, graduated from it with distinctions in 2005, received silver medal.

In 2005 got into the Ural State Law University on medal competitive basis, in Institute of Law and Entrepreneurship. Graduated from the University in 2011, the field of intellectual property protection. Diploma dissertation theme was “Limited Liability Companies”.

Start of the career

During adolescence Dmitriy was attracted to clothing design and gradually started to develop and create clothing for himself and inner circle.

In student’s years a hobby turned into the profession and since the first years in the University Dmitriy Shishkin started actively take individual orders.

Since the age of 18 Dmitriy has started publishing professional articles about men’s fashion in glossy magazines, business magazines and on thematic web sites.

In early 2009 Dmitriy being 4th-year student of USLU set up his first company called OOO “Afina Pallada” at the age of 20 and opened up «Modniy domik “SHISHKIN» in the centre of Yekaterinburg.

His first full men’s collection he demonstrated at Eurasian Fashion Week 2009, which was properly valued by the audience and the critics.

In 2012, possessing a significant practice and academic experience, Dmitriy Shishkin was assigned to postgraduate studies of the Ural Federal University, the History of Arts faculty. It is where he gained his fundamentally knowledge in the humanitarian sphere in general and investigated men’s fashion evolution in particular in collaboration with his Academic Advisers – Golynets professors family – Golynets Sergey Vasilyevich and Golynets Galina Vladimirovna. Candidate’s dissertation theme was “Dialectic of man’s suit evolution”.

In 2013 Dmitriy prepared avant-garde men’s collection called «KONSTRUKTIVIZM», drawing inspiration from monuments of constructivism era. Presentation took place in art-space “Dom pechati”.


In 2014 Dmitriy Shishkin became a member of the Designers Union of Russia.

In 2015 Dmitriy Shishkin became the 45th and the youngest academician of the National Academy of Fashion Industry.

In 2016 Won at once in 3 nominations of the main National Fashion Awards «Zolotoye vereteno-2016»: «Creative collection», «Corporate clothing» and «Working professions».

В 2016 “SHISHKIN Tailor Manufacture” became a full member of the Association of Entrepreneurs of textiles and light manufacturing.

Company became a resident of Skolkovo Science Park where it has actively developed its own 3 D modeling technology, scanning and projection of men’s clothing.

In 2017 “SHISHKIN Tailor Manufacture” participated in "Innoprom 2017" and became the first representative of light manufacturing at the main industrial exhibition of Russian Federation.

In 2018 for the second year in a row, the company participated in “Innoprom-2018” and demonstrated innovations in the field of 3 D projection of men’s clothing.

About the company

In 2015 Dmitriy Shishkin created “Bespoke atelier» becoming Russia’s first craft syndicate, based on highly qualified manual work of tailors sewing elite classic men’s clothing.

The factory is located in historical centre of Yekaterinburg extending over an area of 1000 square meters. Total number of its staff is about 100. Production manufactures up to 2000 premium class products of outer men’s clothing and accessories per month. Manufacture consists of spacious office for clients receiving, show-room, its own design bureau, development laboratory and also the main part of areas take tailor’s workshops.

In 2017 Dmitriy Shishkin launched in Yekaterinburg the second large enterprise «Uniform atelier» - innovative sewing factory performing development, production and delivery of the industrial clothing and accessories collections in the sports and casual style within the frameworks of corporative program. The main specificity of the company consist in using at all production stages of advanced technologies in the field of sewing industry through the introduction of automated systems, covering the entire cycle of clothing production. Release 1 of the enterprise was put into operation in March 2017, 1000 square meter space occupied, total number of staff was about 100, investment was more than 100 million rubles. At this stage the production will manufacture up to 10 000 items of product per month. In November 2017 Release 2 will be put into operation which allows to triple these indicators at least. Now the company is a candidate for Skolkovo Science Park residents.

In 2017 Dmitriy Shishkin and «Uniform atelier» (part of “SHISHKIN Tailor Manufacture”), the innovative sewing production led by him, became full members of Innoprom - the main industrial exhibition of Russian Federation, where the factory’s production received the most positive feedback both from mass-media and exhibition’s visitors as well as from leaders of the region and the country.

Particularly, sports clothing with the logo “Made in Ural” manufactured by Uniform Atelier on behalf of the Sverdlovsk region were presented to the President of Russian Federation V.V. Putin, the Prime Minister D.A. Medvedev, the Governor of Sverdlovsk Region E.V. Kuyvashev and to some high-ranking officials. It were waistcoats in the form of Russian tricolore made of titanium silk – an ultrastrong and light mesh material based on titanium nano-string, that is produced in the Urals from local raw-material and is worldwidely used in surgery.

At the end of 2017 designer Dmitriy Shishkin launched his third enterprise «Fabric» - the large sewing factory producing ready-made men’s clothes in medium price range followed by the retail development by means of creating his own trading network under the brand «SHISHKIN».