"SHISHKIN Tailor Manufacture" was grounded in 2008 by the designer and entrepreneur Dmitriy Shishkin. Company operates in three main areas of activity, directly connected with design, production and delivery of men’s clothing and accessories.

«SHISHKIN» brand development proceeded in an evolutionary manner: hobby, atelier, fashion house, manufacture, first factory, second factory, group of companies etc.


Being 3rd year student of USLU, the 20-year-old designer and beginning entrepreneur Dmitriy Shishkin registered his first company “Afina Pallada” and started his professional activity in the field of development and creation of men’s clothing collections.


Designer presented his debut men’s collection at the iconic Russian platform - Eurasian Fashion Week. This event became a powerful start in a professional activity of beginning entrepreneur as the collection was properly valued by the audience and professionals of fashion world and had a big commercial success.


In the centre of Yekaterinburg designer launched the Shishkin fashion house. Within these walls people create seasonal clothing collections, organize fashion shows and provide individual clients services.


Company initiated collaborations with many domestic multibrand boutiques and online shops, promoting clothing of Russian designers. Company’s production became popular among the consumers and the company actively increased productive capacities.


Dmitriy Shishkin was assigned to postgraduate studies of the Ural Federal University, the History of Arts faculty. In collaboration with his Academic Advisers – Golynets professors family – he prepared his first avant-garde collection called "KONSTRUKTIVIZM", drawing inspiration from monuments of constructivism era. Presentation took place in art-space "Dom pechati" and had powerful societal resonance.


"Modniy Dom" fulfilled his first ambitious corporate order for development and creation of industrial clothing collection “UVZ-Shop” for state corporation "UralWagonZavod" having powerful societal resonance as it was first of its kind project.


Company was actively developing, changed its name to "SHISHKIN Tailor Manufacture” and started an active development in the corporate sewing direction, having taken the leadership positions on Russian market in just a few years.

"SHISHKIN Tailor Manufacture” became a member of "Designers Union of Russia"


Opening up of «Bespoke atelier» - the Russia’s first craft syndicate, based on highly qualified manual work of tailors sewing elite classic men’s clothing.

Company became full member of the National Academy of Fashion Industry sponsored by V.M. Zaitsev.


Launching of the second company «MTM atelier» - the full cycle sewing factory which performs customized production of men’s clothing and accessories in casual style.

"SHISHKIN Tailor Manufacture" for the first time in history won at once in 3 main nominations of the main Russian National Fashion Awards "Zolotoye vereteno-2016": "Creative collection", "Corporate clothing" and "Working professions".

The group of companies led by the designer became full member of the Association of Entrepreneurs of textiles and light manufacturing.


The third large enterprise "Uniform atelier" is being launched in Yekaterinburg. This is the innovative sewing factory which performs integrated development, production and delivery of the sport clothing collections and accessories.

The innovative fabric participates in the Innoprom 2017 — the main industrial exhibition of Russian Federation. Thereby the factory becomes the first full member in the history of the exhibition, which represents the light manufacturing field.


Beginning of implementation of the “SHISHKIN” men’s clothing brand development project and creation of its own network of flagship shops followed by the retail development.